History of this Event

All this started when Eddie Murfin met with Meredith Haynes in Charleston, SC, for lunch, in February, 2004, and he saw the published ’53 alumni list for the first time.  He noted that 15 of the class lived in Florida.  He sat out to get together with all of them as soon as possible.  (He had moved to Orlando after his junior year at HHS , spent his whole career as a minister in Florida, and had not been able to attend any reunions over the years.)   This resulted in a luncheon gathering in Melbourne, FL, with Eddie, M.F. Kershner, Stuart Nichols, Herb Raupach, Richard & Ellen Eberly Huffman, Duke Hein, Dick Crane, in March – they agreed they needed to do this more often.   Then he met with Eddie Palmer and Rosie Beckley Hauser and John & Barbara Snyder Stouffer in Sarasota, FL; then Jimmy Oliver in Fernandina, and Arnold Hurtman in Jacksonville.   After finding that Eddie was going to be in Hagerstown on one day in August, 2004, Barbara set up a luncheon which was attended by about 40 of Eddie’s old friends.   Then the Orlando January, 2005 event was planned by Eddie and M.F., which was attended by about 60 people.  The rest of the Hagerstown-in- Florida story is unfolding daily.

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